One of the perks of being a NG Explorer is getting to then share about your experiences with broader audiences. As much as I love being out in the field doing the gritty adventurous stuff, it wouldn't be nearly as gratifying if I were simply keeping the tales for myself and my journal.

For that I am grateful to National Geographic Learning, the NGS branch that creates National Geographic branded educational content for classrooms. They utilize the work of NG Explorers in their textbooks and media, and also bring us along to many of their events to speak about being an explorer.

This week I had the pleasure of speaking at a large science education conference (CAST) being held in Dallas, Texas. The theme this year was 'CSI: Creating STEM Inquiry'. In an effort to inspire youth in STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) related fields, thousands of teachers and content distributors set up shop in the Hilton Anatole Hotel. The National Geographic Learning booth was abuzz the entire time, and I was honored to be their featured explorer. More events like this to come!