The last National Geographic Learning event I was brought to was in Dallas, where I spoke at a science teachers' convention about integrating fieldwork and exploration science into the classroom. This week, I've been in Austin at the Texas Computer Education Association (TCEA) conference discussing the role of technology in science, particularly as it relates to equipping new generations with the necessary skills to share expedition stories in the digital age. 

My take-home message was, how science is documented and shared matters just as much as the content itself. If it weren't for all the photographers, filmmakers, producers, editors, and graphic designers, most explorer stories wouldn't sing nearly as much as they do were it up to us alone. We owe a lot of our neatly packaged and digestible information to those teams, and this conference was about helping capacitate young generations for that growing marketplace by starting in the classroom.

It was a blast. Speaking about my experiences is always fun, but I have to say, it was certainly a more entertaining NGL evening than was set in a margarita bar after all!

Austin, you ain't so bad.